The Seeger Bartlett Scholarship Foundation was established in 1983 as the Margaret Bartlett Scholarship Foundation in order to honor Margaret Bartlett; teacher, author, mentor to hundreds, and the founder of Camp Killooleet. It was renamed The Seeger Bartlett Foundation in 2003 in memory of Ellie Seeger. In 2010 it was expanded in honor of John Seeger.

Margaret Bartlett and Ellie and John Seeger were terrific educators; warm, charismatic leaders who improved the lives of hundreds of children. They taught in many places, including the Dalton School, Manumit, Fieldston Lower School and NYU, yet they all felt strongly about the unique educational value of summer camp. They believed in the power of summers at a sleep away camp to change lives for the better and they created communities where individual growth was encouraged so that it lasts a lifetime.

The Seeger Bartlett Foundation is a 501c3 foundation which provides scholarships to children for attending summer camp. As the principal of the fund has grown, it has been possible to offer partial and near-total scholarships to an increasing number of children.

Your contribution is a way to share the positive experiences you had at camp with children who would not otherwise be able to attend.