The Seeger Bartlett Foundation has provided scholarships to an average of 3 to 5 deserving children each summer to enhance their development. Eligible children are ready to live away from home for a number of weeks, and come from families for whom summer camp would not be considered without it. The educators that the Foundation honors believed that the real benefits of camp were most noticeable after several summers of growth. Whenever possible we grant scholarships to the same child for more than one summer.

As the principal of the fund has grown, it has been possible to offer partial and near-total scholarships to an increasing number of children. This in turn increases the cultural diversity of the camp environment, to the benefit of all campers.

We believe it is important for the child’s family to demonstrate a commitment to the development of their child so parents are expected to pay at least some of the summer expenses. The information about who is on scholarship is confidential, and is not shared openly in the camp communities. Ideally, neither campers nor counselors are aware who attends camp on scholarship.

Your contribution to the foundation is a way to share the positive experiences of a summer at camp with children who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Your donation can be accepted using a credit card or bank transfer via this site; our system also allows you to select the option of sending a check. If you prefer not to go through the online process, you can always send a check in any amount directly to the foundation:

Seeger Bartlett Foundation
PO Box 1
Hancock, VT 05748

Every donation will be provided an acknowledgement of the charitable contribution as required by Section 170(f)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Donation Levels

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